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Chesed Team

Yavneh Academy has always made involvement in chesed a priority for its students. We are proud to share that we are ready to take this involvement to another level; making chesed outside of the school a priority as well. We are therefore delighted and excited to announce the formation of our Yavneh Academy Chesed Team open to middle school students. 
Based on the concept of the Baltimore Chesed League, students who join the team will participate in monthly creative and fun chesed events with members of the team. We are already planning a pre-Purim Michloach Manot activity for those in need. 
We know that the Yavneh Academy Chesed Team will "improve the world" one chesed at a time and "עולם חסד יבנה", build a world of chesed.  We hope your child will be a part of it! 
Please click HERE to sign up and pay for the Yavneh Academy Chesed Team!
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