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Message from Rabbi Knapp

Dear Yavneh Community,

A top rate, cutting edge Jewish education is more essential now than ever.  Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world. Medicine is changing; the world’s political landscape is changing; and education is changing to adapt with the times. One thing however will never change…. an educational model built on academic excellence, individualized instruction and meeting the needs of every child. This winning combination has been Yavneh’s hallmark for over seventy-five years and continues to guide us as we venture forward in the 21st century.

Yavneh Academy takes great pride in the thousands of graduates who have emerged from our school as passionately committed Jews equipped with the analytical ability and academic confidence to meet the challenges of the world in which we live. We believe in an engaged society, one steeped in our sacred texts while integrating the best that our culture has to offer. Our children are exposed to the greatest thinkers, while learning to become shining examples of middot and staunch supporters of the State of Israel.

Yavneh Academy provides stellar instruction delivered by inspiring educators combined with a passionate and committed parent body to deliver to our students the best possible education. Our students are fortunate to converse in Ivrit, explore the latest in technology, and enjoy our premier fine arts program. Yavneh Academy continues to stay true to its mission of developing Torah observant young adults while remaining at the forefront of 21st century learning.

We invite you to visit us as often as you can, whether it be at our physical campus or our virtual one, to explore our decades of success.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Rabbi Jonathan Knapp
Head of School