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Yavneh Healthy Tech

We Care
At Yavneh, we recognize the profound impact that smartphones and social media have on children’s well-being and development. Research consistently shows that excessive use of these technologies can lead to various physical, mental, and social challenges. Therefore, inspired by the proactive stance of other Jewish day schools, we are committed to leading efforts to create healthier tech habits within our community.
Our Commitment
The Yavneh Healthy Tech Family Pledge is a completely voluntary initiative. Its purpose is to provide Yavneh families with the support and resources necessary to delay the introduction of smartphones and social media in their children's lives. 
Join Us
A communal problem demands collective action. By joining the Yavneh Healthy Tech Family Pledge, you can make a meaningful difference in our community. Let’s work collectively to nurture a community where our children can thrive without the undue pressures and impacts of early and excessive smartphone and social media use.