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Physical Education

A Legacy of Healthy Lifestyles

Our goal in physical education at Yavneh Academy is to provide each child with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to be able to participate in sports, fitness and dance opportunities at school, in their own backyard, or at local programs. Ensuring that our students are physically active is very important at Yavneh Academy. The benefits involved with an active lifestyle and playing sports include a better attention span, healthier bodies, and more positive social interactions. 

In physical education, we provide many different opportunities for students to find their favorite physical activity. Units include: soccer, basketball, hockey, softball, football, Yoga, Zumba, and more! These units combine physical activity with educational lessons and thrilling holiday games to prepare for an upcoming chag. Large group games get every student excited no matter what sport or activity they normally prefer! 

Coach Bill, Coach Aliza, Coach Lauren and Coach Cooper make exercise a fun experience for all our students! 

For more information about our physical education program, please email Coach Aliza at [email protected]