About YPAA

The YPAA (Yavneh Parents Association & Auxiliary) creates and executes fun, educational and spiritual programs and events for the Yavneh students, faculty and parents to enhance their social, educational and spiritual experience at the school. Monies raised from these events are then funneled back to the school to support major Yavneh initiatives.

Our programs include fundraisers such as the Annual Book Fair and Pesach Chocolate Sale; social events such as the Back to School Carnival, Chanukah Trivia Night for Kids, and Parent Supper Quiz; and spiritual events such as the Purim Chagigah and Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration. We also provide services to the school community, including organizing staff holiday and year-end gifts and special interest lectures.

Every parent can become a part of and/or support the YPAA by attending programs and events, volunteering, being on the board, or becoming a member. Feel free to contact us to see how you can become involved at [email protected].