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The Guidance Department directed by Mrs. Roni Isaacson partners with the early childhood department by teaching coping strategies, enhancing social skills and supporting a positive self-image in a warm and nurturing environment. In ECD, the everyday activities of the classroom are designed to teach and reinforce social and emotional growth. The teachers work to highlight these messages in formal and informal lessons. The Guidance team meets regularly with teachers, administrators and parents to ensure the social and emotional well-being of each child.

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Yavneh’s Guidance Department, directed by Mrs. Roni Isaacson, oversees our children’s social and emotional welfare by offering a full range of programs and support to our students. Mrs. Isaacson works closely with students, faculty, administrators and parents to respond to individual needs and situations. The guidance staff meets regularly with teachers and administrators to ensure that we are working together to support the whole child and understand individual needs.

Classroom observations are conducted and in-class interventions are often put into place. Students are met with individually as needed and consultation with an outside professional is recommended if appropriate. Our goal is to help support the child, their teachers and parents to promote optimal growth and learning.

The Guidance Team believes in a proactive approach to developing self-esteem, empathy, coping skills, frustration tolerance and conflict resolution through in class lessons as well as small group lunches. Our Guidance Department enhances the total educational experience at Yavneh by meeting our children’s social and emotional needs.

The Yavneh Academy Foundations Program is designed to further support the social and emotional learning and growth of our students.

If you have more questions, please contact Mrs. Roni Isaacson at [email protected]


The Middle School Guidance department, under the direction of Dr. Aliza Frohlich, is a dynamic and innovative program geared towards the ever- changing needs of emerging adolescents.   During these middle school years, children are changing at a rapid pace, and Dr. Frohlich has developed a guidance program targeted towards the specialized needs of the “tween” years.

The Student Guidance Dept. serves as a resource for students, parents and teachers as she helps individual students navigate through the ups and downs of this stage their lives. With an “open door” the goal is to help students’ self-advocate, brainstorm solutions to their problems and learn to communicate better. 

The goal of Middle School Advisory Program is to help mold resilient students who are well-adjusted and ready to face the world.  Parents, teachers and the guidance program work together a team to raise “our” children prepared to meet challenges and successes in life.

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