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Amudai Yavneh

In 2011 Yavneh created a new fundraising level, Amudai Yavneh (pillars of Yavneh).  Donors who pledge at least $12,000 annually to the school will automatically be recognized at all of Yavneh's annual fundraising projects including the Annual Dinner, the 5K Run, and the Golf Outing.  Amudai Yavneh will be listed as donors to many YPAA events, as well, and receive complimentary admission to the Back to School Carnival, Purim Chagigah, & Yom Haatazmaut festival, among others. 
Half the money raised will go toward the operating budget; the balance will be earmarked for the endowment fund, which will ensure the continued financial stability of Yavneh.
Thank you to our Amudai Yavneh:
Leah & Jonathan Adler
Sara Leah & Nachum Barishansky
Amy & Josh Buchsbayew
Joann & Hillel Caplan
Sara & Reuven Falik
Nancy & Eric Fremed
Robbie & Adam Fried
Erika & Shneur Gershuni
Hillel Goldstein
Robyn Horowitz & Shukie Grossman
Ria & Tim Levart
Pam & Ray Newman
Keren & Jeremy Nussbaum
Leah & AJ Schreiber
Nomi & Mark (Mendy) Schwartz
Arianne & Moshe Weinberger
Ilana & Moshe Wertenteil

For more information about Amudai Yavneh, or to join this group of leadership donors, please contact: 

Robin Tare, Director of Development at 201-262-8494 ext. 309 or robin.tare@yavnehacademy.org

To make your gift online please click HERE.