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The Establishment of Yavneh's Endowment:
In 2010, Amudai Yavneh was formed by a group of visionary donors who recognized that an endowment is the key to a school’s long term financial security, ensuring the future of Jewish education for generations to come.
The ability to draw from the interest earned creates a consistent revenue stream, alleviating tuition needs while enabling Yavneh to provide our students with a stellar and individualized education program - the hallmark of a Yavneh education throughout our 80 year history. 
Amudai Yavneh Supports Current and Future Needs:
As long-time donors who understood that Yavneh’s operating budget depends on annual unrestricted giving, the founders of Amudai Yavneh determined that a combination of Endowment and Annual Fund contributions would enable Yavneh to thrive in the present and future.
Amudai Yavneh, “Pillars of Yavneh”, are truly the backbone of our remarkable school. These donations are evenly split – half is allocated to the Endowment and half to the Annual Fund. Thanks to our Amudai Yavneh, Yavneh is the only day school in Bergen County that has an endowment. We are extremely grateful to these donors for considering the current and future needs of our students and their families.
Benefits of Amudai Yavneh:

With gratitude to our forward-thinking donors, and to enable our Amudai Yavneh members to make one meaningful yearly donation, an annual Amudai Yavneh donation ($15,000 and up) includes a special listing for all of Yavneh’s annual fundraising initiatives, including the Annual Dinner Scroll of Honor and Golf Outing.
Amudai Yavneh donors also receive complimentary family admission to the YPAA Back to School Carnival, Lower Grade Breakfast, and Purim Chagigah, as well as listings on the YPAA’s Rosh Hashana and Shavuot E-Greeting Cards and the Mishloach Manot scroll. Amudai Yavneh donors who are not parents of Yavneh Academy students also receive two tickets to the Annual Dinner.
With their donation, Amudai Yavneh members may select a date of their choice to dedicate a school-wide day of learning in honor or memory of a loved one, though our Parnas Hayom program. Current Amudai Yavneh donors are also acknowledged in Yavneh’s Atrium on the donor wall, and are invited to attend Yavneh’s annual Donor Appreciation event.
For Questions and to Make a Gift:
For more information about Amudai Yavneh, or to join, please email [email protected]
Click here to make an online Amudai Yavneh donation.
With heartfelt gratitude, we salute our 2023-2024 Amudai Yavneh

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Jennifer & Yaakov Babich

Estee & Yehuda Barelli

Chaikie & Jason Berg

Amy & Josh Buchsbayew

Joanne & Hillel Caplan

Sara & Reuven Falik

Andrea Fields

Nancy & Eric Fremed

Robbie & Adam Fried

Erika & Shneur Gershuni

Jenna & Sam Goldstein

Gali & Tzvi Goodman

Sivan & Neil Greenspan

Robyn Horowitz & Shukie Grossman

Jenny & Steve Horwitz

Sandra & Donny Knoll

Ariella & Daniel Kramarz

Ria & Tim Levart

Megan Genet & Sam Lieberman

Keren & Jeremy Nussbaum

Ariane & Daniel Sacks

Lauren & Michael Schwartz 

Nomi & Mendy Schwartz 

Elana & Ben Silver

Sara & Josh Weinberg

Arianne & Moshe Weinberger

Ilana & Moshe Wertenteil

Amy & Stephen Zide