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Mission Statement and Beliefs

YAVNEH ACADEMY is a Modern Orthodox coeducational yeshiva day school committed to the academic, spiritual and emotional development of each child.

We strive to offer our students an atmosphere of academic excellence through a superior dual curriculum that motivates them to become intellectually curious, lifelong learners.

The Yavneh experience inspires our children to develop a positive, personal relationship with Judaism and a love of Torah, mitzvot, Am Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael.

By providing a nurturing environment, we aim to help children develop self-confidence, good moral character and superior middot.

Yavneh Belief Statements:

A. ACADEMICALLY we believe in:

1.   Offering a program of academic excellence through superior dual curricula and the integration of “Torah u’Mada”

2.   Instilling a love of learning while motivating students to become life-long learners, discerning adults and confident, intellectually curious, independent thinkers

3.   Recognizing that each student has a unique learning style and meeting student needs through  differentiated  instruction, enrichment, remediation, and other special services

4.   Equipping students with strong textual skills and the ability to analyze, synthesize, and apply information appropriately

5.   Affording students the intellectual and social benefits of instruction in a coed setting

6.   Integrating the best of technology to meet our educational objectives and to provide children with the cutting edge tools to function in a technologically advancing world

7.   Engaging a premier faculty of strong teachers who are committed to their students, the school’s philosophy, and their own professional development

8.   Embracing advances and innovations in technology, pedagogy, and child development while maintaining the strengths and values of our rich legacy

9.   Providing  co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, trips, and programs to enhance the learning experience and to afford multi-faceted opportunities for students of different interests, talents, and abilities

10. Cultivating a sense of responsibility and accountability for personal academic achievement  and success among our students


1.   Educating the whole child to meet his or her social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical needs

2.   Creating  a community of children, families, and faculty who care for each other and share genuine friendship, mutual concern, and an appreciation of each other’s accomplishments

3.   Supporting our students and families socially and emotionally through a superior and proactive guidance department

4.   Providing  positive role models who embody exemplary moral character, high ethical standards, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle

5.   Cultivating children of good character who comport themselves with exemplary middot and demonstrate the values of respect, integrity, honor, fairness, compassion, and honesty

6.   Fostering  an ability in children to problem solve and to arrive at thoughtful, considered, and appropriate decisions

7.   Encouraging positive, healthy relationships with peers and adults in an environment of respectful communication and interaction

8.   Building confidence and self-esteem in all children in a warm, safe, nurturing environment

9.   Fostering a strong partnership among administration, faculty, parents, and staff in order to maximize the growth and progress of each student

10. Providing opportunities for physical activity to sharpen the mind, and to promote fitness, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle


1.   Enabling our students to develop and deepen their own personal and passionate relationship with God by instilling a love of Torah, mitzvot and chesed

2.   Integrating Torah knowledge, practice, and values into students’ lives through experiences in and out of the classroom

3.   Infusing the children with the unique joys of yiddishkeit and pride in the Modern Orthodox philosophy and lifestyle

4.   Ensuring that the Holocaust is studied and its lessons internalized, remembered, and shared with the community

5.   Establishing the centrality of the State of Israel in the life of our school and in the lives of our children and imbuing each child with a connection to the State of Israel as an essential part of his/her identity

6.   Maintaining our link to ancient and modern Israel through the study and use of the Hebrew language and Ivrit b’Ivrit instruction

7.   Providing the tools for students to become self-motivated, creative, contributing members of both the Jewish community and the larger society by merging  the best of human and American cultural values, together with the ancient, time-honored values of the Torah

8.   Appreciating American freedoms and encouraging participation as citizens of a broader culture

9.   Respecting diversity within the classroom, the school, the Jewish community and the community at large

10. Providing our families with a superior, full service yeshiva experience while maintaining fiscal responsibility