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Rabbi Jonathan Knapp Head of School 328 jonathan.knapp@yavnehacademy.org
Mr. Joel Kirschner Executive Director 307 joel.kirschner@yavnehacademy.org
Rabbi Steven Penn Associate Head of School, Lower School Principal 333 steven.penn@yavnehacademy.org
Dr. Sarah Feit Chief Academic Officer, Director of Special Services 327 sarah.feit@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Judy Friedman Assistant to the Principals 325 judy.friedman @yavnehacademy.org
Dr. Aliza Frohlich Director of Guidance, Middle School  322 aliza.frohlich@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Roni Isaacson Director of Guidance, Lower School  331 roni.isaacson@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Chani Lichtiger Director of Technology & Curriculum Design Innovator 326 chani.lichtiger@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Shani Norman Early Childhood Director 316 shani.norman@yavnehacademy.org
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Ross Assistant Principal, Middle School Judaic Studies 312 aaron.ross@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Barbara Rubin Principal, Middle School 323 barbara.rubin@yavnehacademy.org
Mrs. Alison Landa Assistant Principal General Studies 1-5 334 alison.landa@yavnehacademy.org
Mr. Jason David Coordinator, Special Services - Middle School 337 jason.david@yavnehacademy.org
Mr. Adam Fried President   president@yavnehacademy.org
Accounts Payable Yaffa Moerdler 310 yaffa.moerdler@yavnehacademy.org
Accounts Receivable Marci Jerome 319 marci.jerome@yavnehacademy.org
Admissions  Jennifer Hooper 335 jennifer.hooper@yavnehacademy.org
Bar-Bat Mitzvah Scheduling  Rebecca Gordon and Elana Samad 303
Bus Safety Judy Friedman  325 judy.friedman@yavnehacademy.org
Clubs Chaim Sussman 405 chaim.sussman@yavnehacademy.org
Director of Communications Debbie Abramowitz 302 debbie.abramowitz@yavnehacademy.org
Director of Development Robin Tare 309 robin.tare@yavnehacademy.org
Dismissal Changes Please fill out form on Parent Locker   https://yavnehacademy.parentlocker.com/login.php
Early Childhood Office   Chana Besterman 354 chana.besterman@yavnehacademy.org
Education Office   Ricki Scharf 301 yavnehedoffice@yavnehacademy.org
Education Office   Andrea Reichman 304 yavnehedoffice@yavnehacademy.org
Library/Media Center   317 Thetechteam@yavnehacademy.org
Lunch Program   Melissa Gluck 318 melissa.gluck@yavnehacademy.org
Nurse  Navi Schreiber and Rachel Yolkut 313 nurse@yavnehacademy.org 
Parent Locker/Email/Registrar Melissa Gluck 318 melissa.gluck@yavnehacademy.org
Scrip     Marci Jerome 311 marci.jerome@yavnehacademy.org
Transportation/Bus Routes Rebecca Gordon and Elana Samad 303 rebecca.gordon@yavnehacademy.org OR elana.samad@yavnehacademy.org
YPAA    Keren Nussbaum and Amy Zide 332 YPAA@yavnehacademy.org
Within Our Family Rebecca Gordon and Elana Samad 303 rebecca.gordon@yavnehacademy.org OR elana.samad@yavnehacademy.org