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Parnas Hayom

The Iankol & Sheindel Lidagoster and Mark Lidagoster (Class of 1977) Memorial Parnas Hayom Program enables you to dedicate a day or a month of learning at Yavneh in memory of a loved one, for the refuah of someone who is ill, or in celebration of a simcha, birthday, or other important event.
The dedication will be announced by school-wide email, displayed at the Yavneh campus, and featured on Yavneh's website on the date you have chosen. 

A time honored tradition for the support of the study of Torah, Parnas Hayom dates back to Yissachar and Zevulun.  By supporting Yissachar so that he could sit and learn Torah, Zevulun shared in the merit of his Torah study.  You too can share in this great mitzvah through our Parnas Hayom program.

The fee for a one-time dedication of learning is:
$100 for dedicating a day at Yavneh’s Early Childhood, Elementary or Middle School
$250 to dedicate a day of learning throughout Yavneh Academy
$1,000 to dedicate a month of learning at Yavneh Academy’s Early Childhood, Elementary or Middle School
$1,800 to dedicate a month of learning throughout Yavneh Academy 
Please CLICK HERE to complete your sponsorship online by credit card.

For more information, or to reserve a date if you prefer to send in a check, please contact [email protected] or at 201-262-8494 ext 318.