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General Studies

The general studies program promotes intellectual growth and a love of learning in an enriching, supportive environment.  Our eclectic approach balances traditional educational theories with the most current, research based pedagogy. Technology, co-educational activities, cultural events and field trips all contribute to a rich learning experiences at Yavneh.  

We are extremely proud of the academic achievements of all students. Teachers focus on each child’s social, emotional, and academic needs through differentiated, child-centered approaches. Students benefit from engaging, appropriately challenging learning opportunities.

Reading and writing activities incorporate students’ understanding of science, social studies, and personal interests in order to build speaking and listening skills.  Teachers support Common Core literacy skills through whole class and small group instruction. Students benefit from flexible reading groups that use a variety of leveled print and digital, fiction and non-fiction texts. Ultimately, students build a love for reading while learning to use textual evidence to support their ideas and opinions.

Students develop an appreciation for their role as community members and citizens through the science and social studies program. They explore our government and the development of our country, as well as our relationship with other countries around the world. The science curriculum connects to social studies topics through hands-on activities, models, and experiments. Following Next Generation Science standards, we develop scientific thinking through the study of the plants, animals, weather, slow earth processes, the senses, energy, properties of matter, and engineering design. Students garner an understanding for the way science impacts daily life and the world.  

Our approach to mathematics builds students’ conceptual understanding and develops their number sense. They learn the “why” and the “how” of new concepts through hands-on activities and visual models. As students engage in problem solving tasks, they blend their conceptual understanding with computational skills. The curriculum promotes the development of mathematical thinking, reasoning, and communication. Students learn to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, construct arguments, model with mathematics, select appropriate tools to solve problems, and apply previously employed strategies to new situations.

The general studies curriculum is enhanced through programs in the Stem Zone, Makerspace, Art, Music, Physical Education and the Learning Commons. Each of these areas is led by experienced teachers, follows comprehensive curricular outlines, and is injected with creativity and innovation to motivate and engage all students. Our students are urged to express themselves via the many resources we have available in order to meet their highest potential.

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