Foundations Program

One of the hallmarks of our school is our dedication to reflection and innovation. We constantly strive to employ best practices to enhance our children’s learning and their overall Yavneh experience. It is in this spirit that we announce the Foundations Pilot Program. 

The Foundations program is being launched in grades Pre-K – 2, in one section per grade and is aimed at further supporting the social and emotional learning and growth of our students.

These classes will be comprised of a typical cross section of students and use a few tried and true curricula (Responsive Classroom, RULER, and Generation Mindful).

These programs are proven to help

A) enhance self-understanding and self-regulation
B) build community,
C) increase gratitude, 
D) strengthen self-confidence and self-expression, and
E) foster collaborative work and learning. 


As a confident modern orthodox institution we want our children to be leaders of tomorrow, in all realms of society and industry, each according to their gifts and passions.  Accordingly, our job, we feel, is to prepare our students for holistic success. Just as we, at Yavneh, teach the building blocks to succeed in the world of work and learning, we, too, must teach our students the skills and foundations for a fulfilling social and emotional life. 

The intention of the Foundations pilot is to start slowly in order to create lasting impact! We want all of our students to learn skills that will help them thrive emotionally and in social groups. We know, however, from experience that the surest way to ensure enduring success is to start small. We hope that over the course of the initial three year period of Foundations, the ethos and practical tools from Foundations will quickly find expression throughout our school provide benefit to all of our students. 

For more information about the Foundations program please contact:

Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, Head of School
Natalie Jonas, Founder and Coordinator, Foundations Program