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A Legacy of 

Respect: Athletes learn to respect their coaches, their teammates, their opponents, and the refs.
Effort: Athletes learn that playing time needs to be earned by putting in the effort.
Dedication: Athletes learn that dedication to your team leads to great things for the group as a whole.
Heart: Playing on a team at Yavneh Academy is bigger than oneself and our athletes will feel that in their heart. The bonds formed by the end of the season, are friendships that will last a lifetime.
Attitude: Having the right attitude, whether things are going your way or they are not, is a skill our athletes will use on and off the court.
Work: Athletes learn that hard work can pay off.  
Knowledge: Athletes expand their knowledge of their sport through participation in practices with our expert coaches.
Support: By playing on a team, athletes develop a support system complete with a coach and their teammates that become like family. They learn to support each other on and off the court, when our team is winning or when our team is losing, and when players are on the bench or on the court. 
The Yavneh Redhawks participate against local yeshiva day schools in leagues that are a part of the Yeshiva Middle School Sports Association (YMSSA.org). 
There are 9 teams including: 
8th Grade Boys Basketball  *  7/8th Grade Girls Basketball  *  7th Grade Boys Basketball  *  6th Grade Boys Basketball  * 6th Grade Girls Basketball  *  6th-8th Grade Boys Soccer  *  6th-8th Grade Girls Soccer  *  6th-8th Grade Boys Hockey  * 6th-8th Grade Girls Hockey *