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Virtual Book Fair

book fair


It is time for the annual YPAA Scholastic Book Fair! We will be holding virtual fair this year.

The book fair will run from November 1st- November 14th.

As always, your book purchases will support Yavneh and help us stock the classrooms with valuable supplies and teaching materials used by the students.

This year, all purchases will be delivered directly to your home. All BOOK ONLY purchases exceeding $25.00 will ship for free.

 **Please note any NON book purchases will incur a shipping fee**

Please support Yavneh by using and sharing the link below to shop our online fair.



Thank you for your support,

Jennifer Babich  Jennifertbabich@gmail.com

Chaikie Berg       Chayeberg@gmail.com

Ronit Mershon    nitsyl@gmail.com