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In Early Childhood there are a wide range of levels, especially as children begin the literacy journey. Developmentally, children are going to learn to read at all different paces and we are committed to meeting children at their individual levels in order for them reach their unique potential.

At the beginning of kindergarten all children’s literacy skills are assessed and they are grouped according to ability. A literacy teacher joins each class daily for our literacy block so that the class can be divided into small groups and each child can do appropriately leveled activities. Student progress is constantly being monitored and groupings are flexible and often change, a wonderful reflection of the “growth spurts” our children have as well as the commitment of our teachers to reflect and restructure based on students’ needs.

Our goal for each child is different, and our early literacy screening, homogeneous groupings, developmentally appropriate instruction, and ongoing monitoring of growth allow us to truly cater to their needs.

If you have more questions, please contact Mrs. Aviva Baitner at [email protected].



We are very proud of the outstanding support services that are provided at Yavneh Academy. Whether it be reading, writing, math, Hebrew language, Hebrew reading, or Chumash, we have the learning specialists, and innovative methodology to reach all our learners.

Support is provided either inside or outside the classroom in small groups. This individualized skills based teaching allows for diagnostic based instruction through multisensory and research based intervention. The teachers use the students’ strengths to remediate their weaknesses and can often been seen singing, dancing, drawing, building etc. to help students meet success.

Classroom teachers also have a keen understanding of students’ needs and in all our classrooms there are accommodations and modifications in place so that curriculum and instruction is accessible to all learners on their individual levels.

If you have more questions, please contact:
Grade 1: Mrs. Aviva Baitner at [email protected]
Grades 2 and 3: Mrs. Shira Brandsdorfer at [email protected]
Grades 4 and 5: Dr. Sarah Feit at [email protected]



We are very proud of the outstanding services offered to help support students in Yavneh’s Middle School, both inside and outside their classrooms. Our middle school teachers have a keen understanding that students have different levels and areas of strength and weakness. This can clearly be seen in their multilevel assignments and assessments. It is not surprising to see teachers create three versions of an assessment or project in any subject area based on the abilities and/or interests of their students.

Outside the classroom, we are also very proud of our innovative and unique weekly organization and study support groups. Middle school, especially with numerous teachers and subject areas, can be overwhelming for some students who need further support. Meeting with a Learning Center teacher weekly to individualize their calendars, organize their lockers, plan out how to study for a test or complete a project, clean out their backpacks, etc. has truly changed the lives of many of our students and given them the fundamental building blocks of how to be a successful student.

Weekly support is also provided in reading comprehension, writing, and math, depending on the needs of the students. Our students are eager to meet with the Learning Center teachers as it has helped them progress and gives them greater confidence in the whole class setting.  Daily support in Chumash, Ivrit, and math is also provided for students who need further levels of assistance.

The goal and commitment is to make sure our students are constantly moving in an upward direction to achieve their individual best.

If you have more question please contact Mrs. Ariella Kranczer at [email protected]


In third through eighth grade, we have an inclusion program in one class per grade. The formation of this program reflects our deep and heartfelt commitment to meet the needs of every child. The program is based inside a mainstream classroom with a special education teacher in the class throughout the day. Our goal is to keep the approximately five students supported inside the classroom as much as possible in a natural and “invisible” way. Having a special education teacher inside the classroom allows the students to maximize their learning, access the curriculum, gain student skills, and reach their potential while feeling a part of the regular class setting. Some students need this support for one or two years and others need it throughout their time at Yavneh. We are very proud of our graduates from this support who have gone onto mainstream high schools with important skill sets in place after receiving that strong foundation at Yavneh.