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Open House 2023

Dear Prospective Parents,

It is in challenging times like these that communities come closer, drawing strength from unity and mutual understanding. The current situation in Israel deeply concerns all of us, reminding us of the bonds that tie us together. As we join together in tefillot, fundraising campaigns, collection drives and political advocacy efforts, we are also committed to ensuring that our students receive the care, education, and stability they need.

Given the present circumstances, in a collective decision, a number of our local schools, including Yavneh Academy, have decided to forgo our traditional Open Houses this year. These events, which are typically filled with joy and enthusiasm, are a chance for us to showcase the essence of our institutions.

We truly value and understand the importance of introducing our school to you and your fellow prospective parents. We cordially invite you to schedule a tour of our school. Our small tours have been and will remain the most authentic way to truly experience the essence and spirit of Yavneh Academy. To schedule a tour, please click HERE!

We acknowledge and respect that different schools might adopt diverse approaches based on their unique circumstances, all united by a profound concern for the situation in Israel.

In these pivotal moments, it's unity and understanding that guide us. We stand firm in our communal Achdut, and solidarity with Israel and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for considering Yavneh Academy for your child's education. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

With warm regards,
Rabbi Jonathan Knapp
Head of School
Yavneh Academy