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YPAA Annual and Lifetime Members



Allison and Elliott Adler

Danielle and Alan Albert

Freda and Jeremy Bak

Rebecca and Erez Barkai

Laurie and Zev Beckerman

Naomi and Andrew Berkowitz

Kathy and Marty Birn

Nancy and Marvin Bleiberg

Patricia and Samuel Borodach

Lisa and Aryeh Brenenson

Shari and Damian Bursztyn

Renee and Robert Denis

Rachel and Akiva Distenfeld

Gail and Richard Dukas

Candice and Michael Feiler

Shoshana Green and Daniel Fein

Anna and David Felig

Leora and Martin Fineberg

Ellen and Stephen Finkelstein

Susan and Shalom Fisch

Amy and Joshua Fogelman

Aliza and Arieh Fox

Lori and David Garfunkel

Judy and Steven Gellerstein

Efrat and Jay Ginsberg

Sandra Mazel and Richard Goldberger

Shannon and Aaron Gononsky

Rifki and Philip Goodman

Rochelle and Steven Greenbaum

Lisa and Steven Gronowitz

Dr. Robyn Horowitz and Shukie Grossman

Lisa and Adrian Gulich

Barbara and Michael Gutlove

Margaret and Barry Herzog

Jennifer and Steven Horwitz

Deborah and Marc Hyman

 Aviva and Yitzchak Jacobowitz

Deena and Daniel Jarashow

Sheryl and Robert Jawetz

Marci and Randy Jerome

Rena and Marshall Katz

Sara Feit and Jason Kesler

Rachel & Issar Kiefer

Sarah and Gary Klayn

Naomi and Robert Klinger

Charlotte and Nathan Kruman

Aviva and Jonathan Laib

Ria and Timothy Levart

Dena and Mark Levie

Sara and Kenneth Levine

Betsy and Leonard Levy

Alisa and Stephen Levy

Courtney and Avi Lopchinsky

Rebecca and Benjamin Lopkin

Tamar and Matthew Lowe

Tamara and Steven Mermelstein

Sahrena London and Joshua Mincer

Jennifer and David Montag

Pamela and Raphael Newman

Rachelle Orlanski

Ellin and Elyakim Orlinsky

Julie and David Papier

Ora and Steven Penn

Dorienne and Benjamin Planer

Felice and Ari Plaut

Carrie and Howard Polonetsky

Susan and Steven Polonetsky

Debora and Chaim Putterman

Daphna Roth and Gregory Raykher

Andrea and Gregory Riskin

Brenda and David Ruditzky

Yael and Elnatan Rudolph

Elana and Malcolm Samad

Barbara and Jeffrey Sarasohn

Chany and David Scharf

Leah Tversky and Adam Schreiber

Naomi and Mark Schwartz

Leora and David Secemski

Shari and Judah Seidman

Karen Septimus

Helen and Jonathan Shankman

Rebecca and Yehuda Shmidman

Annie Thaler-Shore and Jonathan Shore

Bonnie and George Silfen

Rena and Douglas Soclof

Nina and David Sohnen

Bruria and David Sokal

Judy and Alan Spiegel

Pam Scheininger and Joseph Spraragen

Linda & Ariel Stamker

Michele and Alon Stempel

Linda Strauss

Dora and Zalman Suldan

Arianne and Moshe Weinberger

Jennifer and Michael Wimpfheimer

Dr. Sara and Keith Zakheim

Joanne and Ephraim Zayat

Amy and Stephen Zide

Renee and Michael Zimbalist

Rebecca and Bruce Zirman

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