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Programs and Events

Family and Student Programs and Events

Back to School Carnival

Lower Grade Breakfast

Kids Chanukah Trivia Night

Purim Chagigah


Adult Programs and Events

New Parents Dessert and Welcome:
Supper Quiz

Moms' Night Out

Student Services

Welcome Gifts for ECD

Administrative services:

Faculty and Staff Appreciation

School Calendar:


Teacher & Staff Holiday and Year-end Gifts

PayPal for YPAA

Aliza Ferstendig, aliza.ferstendig@yavnehacademy.org



Fundraising Activities

Mishloach Manot


Pesach Candy Sale

Chesed Cards

Holiday E-Greetings
Yavneh Clothing and Merchandise

Box Tops For Education

Kids Coupon Book

Teacher Liason to YPAA

Donation Cards


Sponsored Activities
Bi-annual lice checks
School Chanukah concert
Parent lecture series


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