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Mini-Clubs May 2018

Welcome to May Mini-Clubs 2018 for Grades K-5

Clubs take place immediately after school and pickup will be at 4:25 by the security atrium.


Grades K-2
Mrs. Andrea Portal
Yoga empowers children to develop greater confidence, self-esteem and physical awareness which are skills to use in all aspects of their lives. This yoga class will combine games, stories, songs, yoga poses in a fun playful environment.
Dates: May 8, 15, 22, 29
Fee: $60


Hip Hop
Grades 3-5
Coach Lauren Greene
Join Coach Lauren for a 4 week hip hop mini session! Learn some new hip hop technique and work on combinations and choreography in class.  Wear comfortable gym clothes and bring water!
Dates: May 8, 15, 22, 29
Fee: $60

 Art Enrichment
Grades Pre-K-2
Mrs. Judy Cohen/The Paint Box
The Paint Box is a newly established School for the Arts which focuses on a series of creative and progressive courses in a variety of subjects and media. Hands-on exploration of materials is balanced by Art History- and an introduction to important artists, both historical and current. The program is called "Welcome to the Greats". We will introduce a new artist (current and historical) and their body of work. The students will create and finish a piece of work every week based on that artist's technique or a particular style. Every week a new material is used, so that the students are exposed to a variety of professional art materials. This class is open to all levels, because the interpretation of the projects are subject specific. Each child works at their own pace which allows for creativity at all levels, each student influences and inspires the other
Dates: May 10, 17, 24, 31
Fee: $110

Kodu Plus
Grades 3-5
Code Advantage
One of the best ways to get a child excited is to allow them to create something of their own. In this class, we enable young kids to make their own 3D video games by using fundamental coding concepts. Students have a blast creating their own 3D video games and adventures while learning fundamental coding concepts such as loops, variables, and constructors.
Dates: May 10, 17, 24, 31
Fee: $160

For more information please contact Mr. Chaim Sussman at chaim.sussman@yavnehacademy.org

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