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2018-2019 KidStuff Coupon Book

The KidStuff Coupon Book is packed with tons of discounts for retailers and attractions (including Children's Place, Lord & Taylor, Kohl's, Six Flags, Monster Mini-Golf, and many more). You can literally save hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

(Check out kidstuffcouponbook.com for a sneak peak. Please note that the book pays for itself with its many great deals from local stores and venues, but that some of the coupons are for non-kosher food establishments. Yavneh and YPAA in no way endorse these restaurants. Please consult your rabbi if you have any questions on kashrut.)

Questions? Contact Brocha Gutlove at brocha.gutlove@yavnehacademy.org or 201-837-0737. (If you are not a current Yavneh parent, or wish to purchase additional copies of the book, please contact Brocha directly to make arrangements).

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