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Student Services

Student Services

We are very proud of the outstanding services offered to help support students in Yavneh’s middle school, both inside and outside their classrooms. Our middle school teachers have a keen understanding that students have different levels and areas of strength and weakness. This can clearly be seen in their multilevel assignments and assessments. It is not surprising to see a teacher create three versions of a test or project in any subject area based on the abilities of her students. The teachers partner with their students and parents with a common goal to help each child be successful. 

Outside the classroom, we are also very proud of our innovative and unique weekly organization and study support groups. Middle school, especially with numerous teachers and subject areas, can be overwhelming for some students who need further support. Meeting with a Learning Center teacher weekly to individualize their calendars, organize their lockers, plan out how to study for a test or complete a project, clean out their backpacks, etc. has truly changed the lives of many of our students. The skills that they learn in the class help them both inside and outside their school day.

Weekly support is also provided in reading comprehension, writing, and math, depending on the needs of the students. Our students are eager to meet with the Learning Center teachers as it has helped them progress and gives them greater confidence in the whole class setting.  Daily support in Chumash, Ivrit, and math is also provided for students who need further levels of assistance. 

The goal and commitment is to make sure each of our students is constantly moving in an upward direction to achieve their individual best.

If you have more questions contact Dr. Sarah Feit at sarah.feit@yavnehacademy.org

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