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Where can you find a right triangle in the halls of Yavneh? Would you rather be an accountant in Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt? How many words can you make by adding more letters to “SNK” (snake, sink, shrunk…keep going!)? Which hubcaps in the parking lot have 2 lines symmetry? 

Yavneh’s weekly Enrichment program for grades 1-4 uses a fun, activity-based approach to learning. Our units of study explore topics ranging from Geometry to Economics to Folk Tales. Students apply their learning to specific tasks, such as creating number systems of their own (after learning about ancient number systems), working together to identify common factors in groups of ‘crazy creatures’ or competing to build a container with the biggest capacity for the lowest cost. Using technology and good old-fashioned brain power, these challenges encourage critical thinking and promote a deeper love of learning.

In addition to our school based enrichment program we are very proud of our independent home based Enrichment learning program, Project INSPIRE. Project INSPIRE (Independent Student Planned Investigation and Research Experience) is a learning opportunity open to all motivated students in the second grade. Based on each child’s individual interests, a unique project is designed with the guidance of one of our highly trained enrichment educators. The projects reflect a wide variety of topics, running the gamut from art, history, math, science and language to Torah and Israel. Children come in to school beaming with pride and eager to share their unique knowledge with their classmates.

Another unique aspect of the enrichment program is our 4th grade cross-curricular Historical Exploration and Evaluation. The tasks are designed to integrate research, technology and critical thinking. One such exploration focuses on individuals important to Judaism and Israel. Using electronic and print resources, students gather biographical information on a historical figure. The students explain why these are individuals to be admired, as well as express what they would do if they could spend the day with the individual. Everything is then shared through the advanced technology of Voice Thread.

Our goal in enrichment is to continue to build and quench our students’ thirst for knowledge as well as exercise their advanced critical thinking skills into creative and accelerated application. The results are truly amazing both in terms of the products they create as well as the independent learning leaps that are achieved.

If you have more questions contact Dr. Sarah Feit at sarah.feit@yavnehacademy.org

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