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General Studies

The general studies program promotes  intellectual growth and love of learning in a stimulating environment.  Our eclectic approach balances traditional educational theories with the most current, research based pedagogy. Technology, multimedia programs, co-educational activities, cultural events and field trips all contribute to a rich learning experience.  

We are extremely proud of the academic achievements of all students. Our approach of focusing on each child as an individual, and maximizing his/her educational potential, is realized through one of the region’s most comprehensive resource room and enrichment programs. 

The language arts program promotes communication as a critical lifetime skill. We inculcate in our students an appreciation for the joy and power of the written and spoken word. There is continuity throughout the grades in improving receptive and expressive language skills.  In early childhood, we use differentiated literacy activities, focusing on phonological awareness, vocabulary, handwriting, and both individual and group reading activities.  A designated reading teacher assists with small group work, and interactive technology programs reinforce skills.  We continue to grow with our students through the years.  Reading and writing skills become the foundation for all of our disciplines.  Children follow the John Collins Writing Program, which utilizes analytical and exploratory skills.

Through the social studies curriculum, we teach an appreciation for our American and Jewish heritages, and encourage intelligent decision making as active, involved citizens. Early childhood students learn about their communities through meaningful and relevant activities, such as map-making, safety precautions, transportation, and consistent connections to Israel.  Students in Grades 1 -5 continue to explore our government, our states and the creation of our country as a powerful world entity.  Middle school students research ancient civilizations and then explore the United States, from the American Revolution through modern day.  Our unique Jewish History program includes a solid understanding of the Holocaust., reminding all of us to never forget. By learning our history, geography, government and politics, students better understand the world within and beyond our borders. Current events play an important role in the classroom, both through discussion and debate.  

The sciences come alive at Yavneh through a hands-on approach to learning. Early childhood classes begin with active engagement with nature, weather patterns, animals, and the elements of air, water, and fire.  We pursue the children’s natural curiosity about dinosaurs, outer space, bugs and rocks. Observations, predictions, and experimentation are ways our young children learn to think critically and solve problems. This enables children to experiment with concepts and problem solve in the various scientific disciplines. Additionally, we expose students to environmental issues and concerns, and spark an appreciation of ethical issues, from a Jewish perspective, to modern scientific issues like genetic engineering and cloning. Exciting programs, such as our annual science fair, serve as a wonderful showcase for the learning of our children. Field trips to nature centers and the locally renowned Buehler Space Center further enhance the learning experience.

In mathematics, we teach concrete and abstract concepts, and emphasize reasoning and problem solving skills. In the early childhood department, math games and concrete materials help children learn number sense, patterning, measurement, graphing, and simple addition and subtraction facts.  Math is a fun part of daily routines, such as calendar and attendance.  Math centers in our classrooms, enrichment and resource assistance, help each student master math skills to his/her own level of ability. Our award winning Stock Market Game program adds to the dynamism of our mathematics curriculum.

The general studies curriculum is enhanced through programs in computer technology, art, music, physical education and library science. Each of these areas is led by experienced teachers, follows comprehensive curricular outlines, and is injected with creativity and innovation to motivate and engage all students.  Our students are urged to express themselves via the many resources we have available.  Our goal is to impact each of our students by acknowledging and working within the many learning styles that they each offer.

If you have more questions please contact:
Mrs. Shani Norman at shani.norman@yavnehacademy.org, Grade 1
Mrs. Adrienne Shlagbaum at adrienne.shlagbaum@yavnehacademy.org, Grades 2-5 

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