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Suggested Summer Reading

Yavneh Academy Library
Summer Reading List 2014
Compiled by Rachel K. Glasser, Librarian

Award Winners

The 2014 Irma Black Award  - picture books chosen for excellence in children's literature for 1st and 2nd graders
Yavneh’s 1st and 2nd graders participated in this book award contest along with students from around the world.
This is the only book award chosen by students, which is sponsored by Bank Street College of Education.   We read, evaluated, discussed, and voted on our favorite titles.

Willems, Mo.  That Is Not a Good Idea.  (winner)

  A very hungry fox meets a very plump goose, and a dinner invitation offers a surprising lesson about listening to your inner gosling.

Jennewin, Lenore.  Chick-O-Saurus Rex.  (finalist)

  Little Chick does not feel very brave and mighty until he learns that he is descended from the fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Lepp, Bill. The King of Little Things.  (finalist)

    When King Normous decides to become king of the world, the King of the Little Things and his subjects must find a way to outsmart them.  

Middleton, Julie.  Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?  (finalist)

  Touring the museum’s dinosaur exhibit, Dave’s father remains oblivious as the prehistoric animals spring to life.

The 2014 Cook Prize - non-fiction picture books for 3rd and 4th graders
Yavneh’s 3rd and 4th graders participated in this book award contest along with students from around the world.
Sponsored by the Bank Street College of Education, this award is for the best STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) picture book for children ages 8-10.

Heiligman, Deborah. The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos  (winner)

  Story of Paul Erdos and how he found his own way in the world by making friends and sharing his ideas and eventually becoming the most famous and beloved mathematician.

Levine, Sara. Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons.  (finalist)

  Explores how human skeletons are like and unlike other animals.

Macaulay, David. Toilet.  (finalist)

  Provides an introduction to the mechanism of toilets, the sewage system, and the digestive tract.

Stewart, Melissa and Allen Young. No Monkeys, No Chocolate.  (finalist)

  Explores where chocolate comes from, back to the main ingredient of a cocoa bean.

Theodor Seuss Geisel Award. - most distinguished American book for beginning readers.

Puzzling, Greg. The Watermelon Seed.   (2014 Medal Winner)

  A watermelon-loving crocodile becomes distraught after swallowing a seed, believing it will grow inside of him.

Henkel, Kevin. Penny and Her Marble.  (Honor Book)

  Penny has second thoughts after picking up a beautiful, blue marble from her neighbor's yard.

Sullivan, Mary. Ball.  (Honor Book)

  A ball-obsessed pup desperately waits for his owner to return to continue their play.

Willems, Mo. A Big Guy Took My Ball!  (Honor Book)

  Gerald comes to Piggie's aid when a big guy takes away the ball she found.  

Newbery Medal  -  annual award to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

DiCamillo, Kate. Flora & Ulysses.  (Medal Winner 2014)

  Comic book fan and cynic Flora Belle Buckman and Ulysses, a flying, superhero, poetry-writing squirrel, join forces to overcome Ulysses' arch -nemesis, Flora's mother and encounter a quirky cast of characters

Black, Holly. Doll Bones.  (Honor Book 2014)

  A coming-of-age tale in which best friends Zach, Poppy, and Alice set out on a life-altering quest driven by the presence of a sinister bone china doll who haunts their dreams and waking hours.

Henkes, Kevin. The Year of Billy Miller.  (Honor Book 2014)

  Seven-year-old Billy starts second grade with a bump on his head and lots after worries, but works during the year to develop a better relationship with his teacher , little sister, and parents.

Timberlake, Amy. One Came Home.  (Honor Book 2014)

  Set in 1871, 13-year-old Georgie tries to solve the mystery of her sister's disappearance in a gripping adventure of hardship, heartbreak, and terror.

Vawter, Vince. Paperboy. (Honor Book 2014)

   Set in 1959 Memphis, a sensitive 11 year-old boy who stutters ventures beyond the familiar and finds his voice while taking over his best friend's paper route.

Applegate, Katherine.  The One and Only Ivan.  (Award Winner 2013)

  A unique and unforgettable gorilla’s-eye-view of the world that challenges the way we look and at animals and ourselves.

Gantos, Jack.  Dead End in Norvelt.  (Award Winner 2012)

  Funny romp through a dying New Deal town with an unusual mystery.

Caldecott Medal  -  Awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book.

Floca, Brian. Locomotive.   (Medal Winner 2014)

  Accompany a family on an unforgettable weeklong journey from Omaha to Sacramento in 1869.

Becker, Aaron. Journey. (Honor Book 2014)

  Finding a magical red crayon, a bored and lonely girl draws a new door on her bedroom wall that leads her to a wondrous but perilous new world.

Idle, Molly. Flora and the Flamingo. ( Honor Book 2014)

  The budding relationship between an awkward young girl and a graceful flamingo is revealed through carefully orchestrated flaps.  

Wiesner, David. Mr. Waffles. (Honor Book 2014)

  A peeved cat finds a new toy that is actually a tiny spaceship in this nearly wordless science fiction tale of epic and miniature proportions.

Klassen, Jon.  That Is Not My Hat.  (Medal Winner 2013)

  Follows the consequences when a tiny fish decides to steal a hat, even though he knows it’s wrong.

Raschka, Chris.  A Ball for Daisy.  (Medal Winner 2012)

  A wordless book which relates the story of an adorable little dog whose most prized possession is accidentally destroyed.

Sydney Taylor Book Awards - Award for books that exemplify the highest literary standards while authentically portraying the Jewish experience.

Snyder, Lauren.  The Longest Night: A Passover Story.  (Award for Younger Readers 2014)

  Transports the reader to the rusty red banks of the Nile, witnessing each plague from the perspective of an unnamed slave girl.


Polacco, Patricia.  The Blessing Cup.   (Award for Older Readers 2014)

  Family heirloom story about a teacup from a china tea set which journeys from Czarist Russia to the shtetel in America.

Bascomb, Neal.  The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spies and Survivors Captured the World’s Most Notorious Nazi  (Award for Teen Readers 2014)

  Stunning account of the spy mission to capture Adolph Eichman by an elite team of Israeli spies.

Glaser, Hannah.  Hannah’s Way  (Award for Younger Readers 2013)

  Set in rural Minnesota in 1932 and based on a true story, a young Orthodox girl must get used to being the new girl, but she cannot attend a function on Saturday.  Her teacher and classmates respond with unexpected kindness and understanding.

Borden, Louise.  His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg  (Award for Older Readers 2013)

  Story the man who saved thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

Younger Readers

Berne, Jennifer. On a Beam: A Story of Albert Einstein

  Whimsical illustrations capture the untraditional imagination of one of the greatest minds of modern times, Albert Einstein.

Boldt, Mike.  1-2-3 Versus A-B-C

  Who are more important?  Numbers or letters!

Brown, Peter.  Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

  After becoming tired of his proper clothing and gentlemanly manner, Mr. Tiger learns that venturing into the wild isn’t all that he expected.

Donaldson, Julia. Superworm

  Superworm's bug friends attempt to free him from the clutches of Wizard Lizard who, having heard of Superworm's wondrous and heroic deeds, captures him and forces him to dig for treasure.

Daywait, Drew. The Day the Crayons Quit

  Duncan just wants to color, but his crayons have minds of their own and feelings, too.  

Huber, Raymond. Flight of the Honey Bee

  A day in the life of a honeybee scout is full of drama, excitement, and danger as it zig zags from flower to flower.

Fleming, Candace. Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Splash!

  Fed up with the constant presence of rabbits in his house and yard, Mr. McGreely goes to the beach for some fun but the pesky puff tails will not give him a break.


Glaser, Linda. Stone Soup With Matzoh Ball

  A Passover story about an old man who tricks the people of Chelm into contributing the necessary ingredients for making a soup for all to share.  

Klausmeier, Jesse.  Open This Little Book

  Die-cut pages open to reveal different animals, each opening a book of a different color and reading about the next.

Krall, Dan.  The Great Lollipop Caper

  A tiny pickled sourpuss who lives in the fridge is jealous of sweet, red, smiling Lollipop, whom all children prefer until Mr. Caper tries to change the lollipops so that they make the children act badly, look sickly green, and get bad grades.  An important lesson is eventually learned:  be yourself, or a little bit better than that.  

Lanton, Sandy.  The Littlest Levine

  Being the youngest means that Hannah cannot do many things, until finally at Psassover there is a special duty that only she can perform.  

Lehrhaupt, Adam. Warning: Do Not Open This Book!

  An inventive presentation shows the importance of heeding warnings as mischievous monkeys, toucans, and alligators have fun breaking the rules.  

Scieszka, Jon.  Battle Bunny

  Alex, whose birthday it is, hijacks a story about Birthday Bunny on his special day and turns it into a battle between a supervillain and his enemies in the forest who are simply planning a surprise party.

Silversein, Shel.  The Giving Tree: 50th Anniversary

  Parable about the gift of giving, acceptance, and the capacity to love unconditionally in return.

Silverstein, Shel.  Where the Sidewalk Ends: 40th Anniversary Edition

  Collection of 140 funny and touching poems using silly words and simple pen and ink drawings.

Willems, Mo.  I’m a Frog!

  Piggie pretends to be a frog, but Elephant doesn’t like the idea very much.  The two have a hilarious dialogue about pretending to be something you are not.


Thaler, Mike.  The Dentist from the Black Lagoon  (Black Lagoon Adventures)

  Miss Hearse tells the children that a dentist is coming to school to examine them, and they imagine all kinds of crazy things he might do to them.




Middle Readers

Friedman, Laurie B.  Three’s Company, Mallory!

  Three becomes a crowd when a new girl moves to Wish Pond Road.

Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Winter Sky

  Almost 12-year-old Siria, who chases fire trucks during the nights to ensure her father’s safety, learns about bravery one winter as she tried to mend a broken friendship.

Grabenstein, Chris.  Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

  After a notorious gamemaker designs the town library, 12 kids are locked inside overnight and won’t be free until they solve a series of puzzles based on famous books.

Hirsch, Jeff.  Breakaway (39 Clues: Unstoppable)

  Dan and Amy embark on a desperate mission that will take them from one extreme of the Earth to another, but Dan may have to face the one terror he never imagined - betrayal by his sister.


Jenkins, Steve.  Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World

  Find out all about animal eyes.

Jenkins, Steve.  The Animal Book: A Collection of the Fastest, Fiercest, Toughest, Cleverest, Shyest - and Most Surprising - animals on Earth

  A compendium of animals, living and extinct, full of interesting facts and beautiful illustrations.

Patterson, James.  Ultimate Showdown  (Middle School series)

  Opinionated siblings discuss the ups and downs of middle school life.

Peirce, Lincoln.  Big Nate in the Zone.   (Big Nate series)

  6th grader and self-proclaimed genius Nate Wright’s bad luck suddenly turns around, and he can do no wrong.

Phelan, Matt.  Bluffton: My Summers with Buster

  Set in 1908, a troupe of vaudeville performers spends the summer in a sleepy Michigan town where a young boy becomes fascinated with the animals and performers, especially Buster Keaton, a master prankster who loves to play baseball.


Williams-Garcia, Rita.  P.S. Be Eleven

  The Gaither sisters return to their grandmother’s house in NYC where they struggle with the chaos of turbulent times and changing family relationships.  (2014 Coretta Scott King Author Award)

Older Readers

Appelt, Kathi.  The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp

  Bingo and Jeremiah are raccoon brothers on a mission to save Sugar Man Swamp, a massive creature who delights in delicious sugar cane and rules over the swamp.

Foxlee, Karen.  Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

  A timid 11-year-old girl grieving her mother suspends her belief in things non-scientific when a boy locked in the museum where her father is working asks her to help him complete an age-old mission.

Moriarty, Jaclyn.  A Corner of White

  A fantasy mystery of two parallel stories involving teenagers Madeline, who lives in Cambridge, England and Elliot, who lives in the Kingdom of Cello.

Polacio, R.J.  Wonder

  10-year-old Auggie, born with extreme facial abnormalities, goes from being home-schooled to entering fifth grade at private middle school where he endures the taunts and fear of his classmates and he struggles to be seen as just another student.

Riggs, Ransom.  Hollow City.  (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; 2)

  Set in 1940 and having escaped Miss Peregrine’s island by the skin of their teeth, Jacob and his newfound friends must journey to London, the peculiar capital of the world where surprises lurk around every corner.

Spinelli, Jerry.  Hokey Pokey

  A tale of growing up in Hokey Pokey, a place and a time when childhood is at its best - no adults, just kids, and the laws are simple and finite.  

Stone, Tanya Lee.  Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black Paratroopers

  The unsung story of the U.S. Army’s first African-American paratroopers unit includes portraits of individuals, the history of the unit, and the complex social issues of the time.  

Turnage, Shelia.  The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

  Mo and her friend Dale (aka the Desperado Detective Agency) are 6th graders

Popular Series

Alex Rider  -  Anthony Horowitz

All-of-a-Kind Family  -  Sydney Taylor

Amelia Bedelia  -  Peggy Parish

American Girl Collection

Artemis Fowl  -  Eoin Colfer

Big Nate  -  Lincoln Peirce

The Books of Ember  -  Jeanne DuPrau

The Boxcar Children  -  Gertrude Chandler Warner

Bunnicula  -  James Howe

Cam Jansen;  Young Cam Jansen  -  David A. Adler

Clementine  -  Sara Pennypacker

Diary of a Wimpy Kid  -  Jeff Kinney

Elephant & Piggie  -  Mo Willems

Encyclopedia Brown  -  Donald J. Sobol

Fancy Nancy  -  Jane O’Connor

Flat Stanley  -  Jeff Brown

Geronimo Stilton

Hardy Boys Secret Files  -- Franklin W. Dixon

Harry Potter  -  J.K. Rowling

The Heroes of Olympus  -  Rick Riordan

Ivy + Bean  -  Anne Barrows

Junie B. Jones  -  Barbara Park

The Kane Chronicles  -  Rick Riordan

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo  -  Nancy Krulik

The Lemonade Wars  -  Jacqueline Davies

Magic Tree House  -  Mary Pope Osborne

Mallory  -  Laurie Friedman

Maximum Ride  -  James Patterson

Middle School  -  James Patterson

My Weird School;  My Weird School Daze  -  Dan Gutman

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew  -  Carolyn Keene

Pendragon  -  D.J. MacHale

Percy Jackson and the Olympians  -  Rick Riordan

Ranger’s Apprentice  -  John Flanagan

The Secrets of Droon  -  Tony Abbott

Septimus Heap  -  Angie Sage

The Series of Unfortunate Events  -  Lemony Snicket

The Stink Series  -  Megan McDonald

Theodore Boone  -  John  Grisham

Third Grade Detectives  -  George E. Stanley

39 Clues

Favorite Authors  -  Fiction


David A. Adler

Louisa May Alcott

Lynne Reid Banks

Judy Blume

Beverly Cleary

Cornelia Funke

Jack Gantos

Dan Gutman

Johanna Hurwitz

Gordon Korman

Lois Lowry

Mike Lupica

Wendy Mass

J.R.R. Tolkien

Vivian Vande Velde

Favorite Authors  -  Picture Books

Tedd Arnold

Jan Brett

Kevin Henkes

Leo Lionni

Robert Munsch

Jane O’Connor

Dr. Seuss

David Shannon

Bernard Waber

Mo Willems


National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature

Kate DiCamillo, Newbery medalist, has been named the new National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature 2014-15 by the Librarian of Congress.  “Stories Connect Us” will be the theme of her platform as she tours the nation to promote reading.  Her two Newbery medals are for Flora & Ulysses (2014) and The Tale of Despereaux (2003).  Other works include The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, A Tiger Rising, and Because of Winn-Dixie.

The ambassadorship was established in 2008 in order to raise national awareness of the importance of young people’s literature to lifelong literacy, education, and the development and betterment of the lives of young people.

Reading Aloud

Whenever an adult reads to a child, three important things happen simultaneously and painlessly: 1. a pleasure connection is made between child and book; 2. both adult and child are learning something from the book they’re sharing; and 3. the adult is pouring sound and syllables called words into the child’s ear.                  (Read-Aloud handbook by Jim Trelease)

“Parents must keep reading books”
 according to leading children’s author Mem Fox (author of Possum Magic, Where is the Green Sheep? and Goodnight Sleep Tight and many more)  Noted children’s author Mem Fox spoke out recently on the benefits of parents reading to children with their children - either ebooks or print - to interpret the characters and help the child comprehend the story.  Other experts have suggested that children just learning to read need to focus first on meaning, and then on animations and sounds.  Technology is not a substitute for reading time.

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