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    • Writing and producing major performance on Holocaust theme
    • Participation in the New Jersey Stock Market Game
    • Knowledge Masters Open
    • Middle School Weekly Mishmar Programs
    • Chicken-kashering hands-on experience
    • A three day overnight Leadership and Team Building experience with Torah learning
    • Johns Hopkins University Academic Talent Search
    • New Jersey Math League Contest
    • Cultural programs including:
      • professional plays
      • classical music performances
      • science and current events presentations
    • New Jersey Law Fair
    • Science Olympiad
    • Debate Team
    • Chesed Programs including:
      • visiting with senior citizen groups
      • making presents for children in hospitals
      • collections of food and clothing for the needy in our community and Eretz Yisrael
    • Oneg Shabbat with Ruach and Parshat Hashavua and stories focusing on Middot Tovot
    • Nekudot Club - “Caught Doing Good” Program
    • Participation in the national Chidon Hatanach contest
    • A "Meet the Author" program/workshop in creative writing
    • Annual story-telling festival
    • Annual poetry festival
    • Concert Choir
    • Israel programs geared to foster a deep love and commitment to the State of Israel, including:
      • Yom HaAtzmaut cafe night,
      • Chagigot
      • Yom HaZikaron tekkes
    • Art Program for grades 1-6
    • Young Scholars Program
    • Yachad Shabbaton
    • Artifact Museum
    • State Fair
    • Siddur/Chumash plays
    • Science Fair
    • Spelling Bee


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