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School Wide Siyum TaNaCH

Yavneh Academy School Wide

Siyum TaNaCH

Dear Members of the Yavneh Academy Family,


We are thrilled to launch a school wide siuym Tanach to culminate on Friday, May 18th (Erev Shavuot) at Yavneh Academy. The siyum Tanach will be coupled with the dedication of a new Sefer Torah to the Sara and Leon Broch Bet Midrash in honor of the 75th anniversary.


These simultaneous efforts will have profound impacts on our students, impressing upon them that at any and every meaningful life event, we place Torah study at the core. Our children will understand that the Torah guides our celebrations, be it a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, milestone birthday or significant anniversary. When we place Torah study at the center of these events, the entire experience is elevated.


We have included a variety of Torah study resources to deepen the learning and make the study more enjoyable and attainable for all Yavneh families. Sign up for a perek. Sign up for a sefer. Study together at the Shabbat table Friday night. Be part of our school wide Siyum Tanach.

To sign up for learning, please click here.

Resources for Learning:



Mechon Mamre (Hebrew)




Our hope is that each and every family will participate in both the siyum and in the Sefer Torah dedication.

Together, let’s celebrate our 75 years of providing a stellar Torah education by engaging in Torah study with our children. Be part of our siyum and share the excitement of torah learning with your children.


Rabbi Knapp

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